MT’s Joystick- and Dynamic Positioning Systems have been developed for high demanding offshore vessels and are equally suitable for Superyachts for electronic anchoring¬Ě, heading keeping or easy, one-lever manoeuvring. More than 500 installed¬†DP and joystick systems and another on order¬†are evidence of confidence in the offshore market. The IBS, Joystick- and DP Systems can be delivered in any colour and matching surface in single modules and/or in any console design for refits and newbuildings.

Offshore vessels and bridges

Furthermore MT is including in their scope of delivery a 24 hours remote service via GSM/UMTS/Satellite for any system check, fault finding down to the sensor level and supporting the Captain’s inquiries for optimizing/correcting the various settings in the Integrated Bridge and DP System. This virtual on-board assistance makes the direct support easy and cost effective, avoiding e.g. unnecessary travel expenses of service engineers.

Downloads: MT Dynamic Positioning Architecture more info
Downloads: Integrated Bridge-, Joystick & DP-Systems f. MT Brochure
Downloads: DP1 Product Sheet
Downloads: DP2 / DP3 Product Sheet

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