The Bridge Mate‚ĄĘ concept is based on a segregated architecture comprising a dual redundant network (CAT5 cable), extremely durable marine approved computers without fans or hard disks and sensor integrators that offer simple interface of any sensors. Approved as a split system, the various components can be mounted and placed to the desire of the owner, of course within the frame of class regulations. This solution makes it extremely flexible when planning the bridge layout and a range of monitor sizes are available.

In addition, almost any sub-system can be

remote operated from on-screen menus, such as:

-  Window Wipers

-  Window Heating and Washing

-  Navigation Lights

-  Deck Lights

-  Search Lights

-  Watertight Doors


-  Fire Alarm System

-  Etc.

This possibility reduces the number of proprietary control panels to a bare minimum.

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IBS Topology

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